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Introduction of ionic air purifiers

Mar 7, 2016

Ionic air purifiers use the negative ions produced by oneself to purify the air,remove the dust and the odor.Differences with the traditional air purification machine is that they take the negative ion as the function factor,it catches the harmful substances in the air.And the traditional air purification machine uses the air blower and filter dust,It requires regular replacement of the filter, and the negative ionic air purifiers don't need supplies.

   While the smaller size of negative ions have good biological activity. It can be easily through the human blood brain barrier, it enters the human body and exert their biological effects.

   The harm of ionic air purifiers is:When it produces negative ions, it will produce ozone derivatives, and when the ozone concentration exceeds the standard, it will harm the human body.

   Major function of ionic air purifiers:

   Negative ions not only contribute to the body's synthesis and storage of vitamins, it also can strengthen and activate the body's physiological activities, so it is also known as "air vitamin",the air negative ion also has the function of sedation and hypnosis.If we inhale the right amount of negative ions, perseverance, it is benefit to health:It makes people energetic, it can eliminate fatigue and burnout, it can improve work efficiency. It can improve sleep and eliminate nervous breakdown.

   Ionic air purifiers improve air structure: people need 13 000000000 negative ions per day, and in our living room, office, entertainment places and the environment,it only can provide about 2-20 billion anions.

   It mainly has the following functions: the influence of the nervous system, it can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activity is strengthened, the spirit is excited, it can improve the work efficiency, it can improve the quality of sleep. The negative ions can also make the brain tissue oxidation process to strengthen, it makes the brain to get more oxygen.

   According to scholars observed, negative ions have obvious dilate blood vessels, it can relieve the spasm of the artery blood vessel, to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure,negative ion is also good for improving cardiac function and improving myocardial nutrition, which is beneficial to the recovery of patients with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

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