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Introduction of inverter air conditioners

Mar 4, 2016

 The structure of the conventional air conditioning adds a frequency converter, which becomes a inverter air conditioners.Compressor is the heart of the air conditioning, the speed directly affects the efficiency in the use of air conditioning, frequency converter is used to control and adjust the compressor speed control system, the speed is always in the best state, so as to improve the energy efficiency ratio (compared to the conventional air-conditioning energy-saving 20% ~ 30%).

   The basic structure and refrigeration principle of inverter air conditioners is the same as the general air conditioning.The host of inverter air conditioners is automatically variable speed,it can automatically provide the required cold(hot) according to the room;When the indoor temperature to achieve the desired value, the air conditioning system is able to accurately maintain the temperature of the constant speed operation, to achieve non-stop operation, thus ensuring the stability of the environment temperature.

   Classification of inverter air conditioners:

   Inverter air conditioners can be divided into: AC and DC frequency conversion.AC frequency conversion air conditioner use AC frequency conversion compressor,adjusting the voltage conversion for 2 times,as compared to the fixed frequency compressor, it did not start the capacitor, so the loss of the circuit is reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.
   AC frequency conversion:It uses AC frequency conversion compressor,adjusting the voltage conversion for 2 times,so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

   DC frequency conversion:It uses digital DC variable speed compressor, only after a voltage conversion, it is similar to that of the DC motor,it removes the copper loss in the circuit, so compared to AC frequency conversion, it can save the power of 18-40%, so it reflects the superiority of DC frequency conversion technology. 

   Installation notes:

   1, you must choose a good location to install the outside machine of inverter air conditioners,otherwise it will cause that the air conditioner has been working at low frequency, the compressor and inverter modules are easy to frequent protection, if it is serious, it will lead to shutdown (the current is too large).

   2, line connection must install a wire fixing clip, avoid pull-out, tensile connection joints must be solid and reliable. Otherwise, it is easy to cause sparking and cause fire accident: if the signal line connection is bad, it will lead to can not afford to open the machine, compressor or frequent starting and stopping.

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