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Introduction of cool filing cabinets

Mar 4, 2016

 Do you know the cool filing cabinets?Do you know what kind of species it is?

   According to the different materials, the cool filing cabinets are mainly divided into the following categories:

   1, the plastic file cabinet: In fact, plastic file cabinet is a file cabinet. It is mainly used to store some frequently used files, but it should be noted that is not stored documents too heavy, we should pay attention to its load capacity, if not pay attention to, it will deformation.

   2, steel file cabinet: at present, the steel file cabinet is the most popular. Steel file cabinet is a green cabinet, it is easy to move the long haul.It is mainly used to store long-term preservation of documents.

   3, wooden file cabinet: wooden file cabinet appearance is more upscale.

   Features of cool filing cabinets:

   1, in general, the cool filing cabinets are relatively light, strong, they can be easily placed mobile, it is not like the wardrobe which is not easy to move.

   2, the price of cool filing cabinets is more economical and reasonable, and it is also more environmentally friendly, it can be repeated use, it is also a relatively long life.

   3, we have cool filing cabinets, the office is more convenient, it can improve the efficiency of our work.

   4, the file cabinet color is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel that it is generous.

   5, the file cabinet capacity is relatively large, but the volume is relatively small,it does not account for the area.

   6, now, the file cabinet can be combined,it is convenient to transport and office.

   7, the cool filing cabinets are made of metal, so life is long. It is also relatively easy to maintenance.

   8, the door of the cool filing cabinets areis free to choose their own, there are glass doors, drawers,mobile door,we can choose it according to our own choice.

   9, the cool filing cabinets are relatively speaking, it is not necessary to install, it can be used directly, so it is more convenient, it is suitable for our fast way of life.

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