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Introduction of colored filing cabinets

Mar 4, 2016

 Message: industrial flavor material, cool to the pole of accessories, texture, trace, function,it exudes a strong feeling in all aspects.I hope it will become your personal space in a rare works of art, it is more let a person have a god-given comfortable in the vanity of the city.The texture and quality of each piece is unique. Turning mould, polishing, grinding, zinc plating...... Countless hands to do the process down. This is not the production of assembly line crafts, if you are a favorite of industrial retro products, I believe you will be able to agree with this unique charm.

   Applicable place of colored filing cabinets:Personality creative space, bar, clothing store, coffee shop.

   Arts and crafts of colored filing cabinets:Cutting, drilling, polishing, plating, painting, grinding, etc.

   Style of colored filing cabinets:American style furniture

   Colour:Black and white color (it can also be prepared in color according to customer preferences,)

   Materia of colored filing cabinets:Iron + wood (imported from New Zealand pine)

   Technology of colored filing cabinets:Pure handmade

   Antirust:Product process: iron rust primer > > electrophoresis electrostatic spraying plastic >180 high temperature baking > (effect).

   Maintenance instructions of colored filing cabinets:Please use the cloth block with neutral detergent to scrub. Please dry with a clean cloth.

   Friendship tips:In order to meet the needs of your friends, we can make the style, color and size of all the goods according to the requirements of the customers!

   The factory is located in the most professional iron export base, we have many years of export experience, we provide the most cost-effective colored filing cabinets.

   Structure design: the essence of tenon - China traditional carpentry craft will [country] French character and life Sunmao perfect union.

   For the beauty of French country [Ethan Allen rose Chung series], dedication to the traditional mahogany furniture tenon and mortise process structure, Fujian's dedication of pure solid wood furniture, Fujian the North American renewable wood [Fujian pine] to design and manufacture, abandoned industrial furniture plate and screw structure, inheritance to traditional Chinese rosewood furniture tenon and mortise process and the traditional process as the carrier, combined with the innovation and development of wrought iron materials, hope that our design can provide a natural, pure, elegant, noble and convergence of lifestyle.

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