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Introduction of alen air purifiers

Mar 4, 2016

 In order to help others, Mr. Warb established the Alen company,the purpose is:to create a series of high quality air cleaners to help patients with allergies and other people who are affected by poor indoor air quality.Up to now, Alen has been committed to the development of new products,he hopes to use these products to solve the growing health problems which are caused by poor indoor air quality.  

   alen air purifiers---A375 air purifier

   A375 Alen air purifier is designed to help those who are highly sensitive to smoke, allergens, chemicals or odor, so that the air cleaner is more simple.A375's biggest feature is: it uses a HEPA type (high efficiency particulate air filter) filtering technology, which combines three layers of filtration technology to purify and fresh air.

   alen air purifiers---Paralda

   Paralda Alen air purifier design has repeatedly won awards.Its unique double flow design, air is sucked from the back of the machine, and then purified air from both sides and the side of not release. Therefore, the clean efficiency of Paralda is more remarkable.

   Paralda uses Alen advanced HEPA filtering technology to clean the air in the home, but it also protects the filter from the bacteria and micro-organisms.

   Alen air purifiers with HEPA high efficiency air filter, whichis used to intercept the filter through the air contained in the filter of tiny dust.The standard is set by the Department of energy of the United States Department of energy, the particle size is 0.3 m of fine particulate matter, the filter effect is about DOP 99.97% or more.The interception efficiency of the high efficiency filter net can reach 99.99%.Efficient filter filtration material usually made of chemical fiber or glass fiber made, it is mainly used to remove particles 0.5 μ m or above.

   The filter element needs to be replaced regularly (at least once every six months), so that it can not only prolong the service life of the air purifier, but also bring a better cleaning effect.

   Proven by the world's leading "independent test lab",the filter effect of alen air purifiers is better than the ion air purifier.

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