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How to install industrial air conditioners?

Mar 4, 2016

 Industrial air conditioners refer to the production process of industrial products or reliable operation of industrial process equipment to provide environmental temperature, humidity, cleanliness of the air conditioning equipment.

   How to choose the number of industrial air conditioners?

   Using the method of calculating the number of units:

Site volume (V) = indoor area (square meters) x below the height of the air supply outlet (m)
The frequency of ventilation (s / h) = environmental protection air conditioning total supply air volume (m3 / h) / indoor area (M2) * send below the outlet height (m);

The use of units (N) = Volume X number / site selected unit volume.

   Location selection of industrial air conditioners:

   1) generally speaking,industrial air conditioners are best to install in the middle of the building, as far as possible to reduce the wind resistance of the wind pipe, to shorten the length of the installation pipeline; if there are conditions,industrial air conditioners are installed in the cooling environment of the dominant wind direction;

   2)industrial air conditioners can be installed on the wall, roof, or the floor outside, but the installation environment should ensure that fresh air unobstructed, especially should not installed in odor or smell gas exhaust port office, such as: toilet, kitchen, if there is no enough of a door or window, need to install special exhaust machine, exhaust quantity to guarantee to achieve environmental protection air conditioning blast volume of 80% - 90%;

   3)in the installation position of the industrial air conditioners , we should make sure that the frame structure can support the whole environmental protection air conditioning unit and the air supply duct and the weight of the maintenance personnel.

   4) we should pay attention to the installation of indoor and outdoor pipeline sealing waterproof, to avoid rain water leakage.

   5) if we are going to install industrial air conditioners in the room.Blast pipe must be matched with the air conditioner models, according to the actual installation environment and the air quantity to design appropriate send wind pipe (the longer pipeline generally uses the way of reducing).

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