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How to identify the small filing cabinets?

Mar 4, 2016

   Small filing cabinets are cabinets that place files, data, etc.. It is usually used in the office, the record room, the reference room, the storage room or the personal study and so on.

   According to the material, the small filing cabinets can be divided into three kinds:

   1, plastic file cabinet.

   It is a document holder, it is mainly used to store some documents which are frequently used , it can not store too heavy file information, because the plastic will be deformed due to long-term bearing.

   2, steel file cabinet.

   Steel file cabinet is the most popular.Steel file cabinet is environmentally friendly products,it is easy to move for the long haul.It is mainly used to store long-term preservation of documents.

   3, wooden file cabinet.

It looks very upscale.

   It is mainly for the boss and manager.

   How to identify the small filing cabinets?

   1,the material of the small filing cabinets:

   What kind of substrate is the small filing cabinets?to choose what kind of material,which is the key to the quality of file cabinet,it is also a determinant of price differences,in the selection of filing cabinets, consumers must ask manufacturers to indicate what is the substrate.

   2,The appearance of the small filing cabinets:

   The appearance of all the file cabinets on the market is divided into four categories: double-sided stickers melamine, one side of the fire board, wood, paint.The former three kinds of technology, quality, cost are not very different, the fourth are very different.There are dozens of kinds of paint on it, source, price, technology and other uneven, consumers are most likely to fall.So in the choice of painting cabinet, we must ask clear factory home:What is the paint, what technology do they use.To observe the surface roughness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, plumpness and hardness in inverse strong light.

   Manufacturer's after sales and quotation:

   The so-called "a penny, a sub goods" is an eternal truth. The price of a brand product is determined by its quality, at the same time, it should be guaranteed by after sales service.Where there are fake, shoddy, low-cost products manufacturers, never dare to provide after-sales service protection.After sales service provision is the embodiment of the manufacturer's confidence in their products, and it is also an important standard to test the quality of their products.  


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