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How to choose the best solo tents

Mar 4, 2016

 The best solo tents with wind rain and snow cold, dust anti mosquito function. In the field environment for you to isolate an independent security of personal space. When you are in the field for the night you can choose a tent, sleeping bag, waterproof cloth and a hole or refuge hut. And the tent is the most popular way. Because it is easy to set up, the rain and repeated use, at the same time,it can be set up to any place. And the solo tent wind, sun, the interior has enough space for climbers to place equipment.

     The best solo tents mainly consist of four parts: inside and outside the account, support, the end of the account, packaging and accessories. In addition, the design and support of the best solo tents are also important technical indicators.The flysheet of the solo tent is the protective layer of the tent, the general tent is coated with a coating of nylon cloth. Rain proof performance of the coating thickness and quality decide the tent, nylon cloth texture performance in durable ripstop degree, external impression is also very important. The most common tent coating is PU coating. PU is a polymeric organic compound of polyamine ester. PU coating is a kind of coating which is stable and low temperature resistance. It is commonly used in all kinds of fabrics. The thickness of PU coating and coating technology determine the waterproof property of the fabric.The coating thickness was expressed by mm, which indicated that the static water column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.

    These coatings have the ability to water and air permeability. A fabric called a breath. The gas permeability principle is that the coating is a porous film, and the single hole diameter is smaller than that of the gas water molecule but larger than the liquid water molecule. The outside rain water can not be passed through the coating, and the water vapor emitted by the human body can penetrate to the outside world. It should be explained that the permeability of the breathable fabric is bidirectional. So in the case of greater external humidity, moisture will be a certain extent through the fabric inside.Support is the best solo tent support skeleton, commonly used materials are glass and aluminum alloy, glass steel and aluminum alloy is processed to grow 25cm to 45m. Its diameter is 7mm to 12mm in the middle of a single section of the account. Multi section curtain rod is connected with a set of elastic rope, single section and single way to connect with.
    It is also very important to clean up and maintain the tent after use. It is not only related to the service life of the tent, but also directly affect the future use of the best solo tents.After cleaning it and ventilated cool place to dry naturally, do not put the sun under the sun or put high temperature baking, to prevent the glue or to the aging of rubber and accelerated aging.

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