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How to choose home air conditioners?

Mar 4, 2016

Air conditionings which are installed in their own homes are home air conditioners.To improve the level of living environment has become a concern in today's society,especially after the 2003 "SARS" event,people should not only concern the improvement of indoor air environment, but also care about the city, especially the improvement of residential air environment.Therefore, the combination of indoor air sterilization and antibacterial control technology, air clean control technology and computer control technology can promote the healthy development of domestic air conditioner. 

   Development trend of home air conditioners:The mainstream is split wall cabinet, and window machine has a larger space for development.Generally the consumer's home has more than two sets of home air conditioners, most of them with split wall hanging type mainly.However,with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and living conditions,more and more urban residents began to use home air conditioners,which become a development opportunity for home air conditioners.  

   How to choose home air conditioners?

   Using domestic air conditioner to adjust the indoor air temperature, humidity, air purification,which is the ideal home appliances for modern families.There are many kinds of air conditioners, but most of them are using window models.The function has the individual refrigeration and the refrigeration system hot use.When buying, we must determine the size according to the size of the room.

   Quality should be examined from the following aspects:

   1) beautiful appearance, elegant color paint, paint film thickness uniformity, light, no trauma, scratches, spare parts are available.

   2)After supplying the power,compressor running sound stable, noise is less than 60 db.

   3) each function button switch is sensitive and accurate, cooling, heat supply effect is rapid, enough.

   4) good insulation performance.

   According to reports,when cleaning the air conditioning, we must grasp the correct method,don not only clean the filter net, but also clean the heat sink.Because the heat sink of home air conditioners is not removable,we are relying on a damp cloth and brush cleaning tools,which are invalid,we should use air conditioning disinfectant which is a regular factory production.If the heat sink on the dirt and bacteria are removed,which will also make the cooling effect of the air conditioner better.

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