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How to choose commercial cafe furniture

Mar 4, 2016

 Coffee shop is a good place for leisure.

Coffee shop is a place which is specially for the guests to sit and drink coffee. The modeling requirements of the commercial cafe furniture is very high-grade, in general, the decoration of the theme of each cafe is not the same, with different styles and themes. The coffee shop is the main embodiment of the commercial cafe furniture, the shape of the coffee shop has a variety of commercial cafe furniture, each kind of different commercial cafe furniture size is different.

Many commercial cafe furniture is the single form, which can give customers a unique space, in its own cafe sofa and with a cup of coffee is the most pleasant things, no one urge you, you don't feel disturbed. In the wonderful weekend ,it can relax my nervous  mood about my week.

   In general, the size of a single commercial cafe furniture is generally: 760mmX760mm,the largest of commercial cafe furniture size: 810mmX810mm.

But there are still a lot of coffee shops also have the phenomenon of double Cafe sofa,it is usually placed in the window position or placed in the hall inside.

   The size of the sofa for a double cafe is 780mm*465mm*1352mm.
There are also a lot of coffee shops also use the three person coffee shop sofa, this coffee shop is very suitable for a friend to go to the party. Three people's coffee shop is mainly the design of long row, with a back cushion design, sitting very comfortable, but it also can be very good to draw the feelings and relationships between people. In general, the three Cafe sofa size in length between 1750 to 1980mm. The height and width of the sofa with a single cafe and a double Cafe sofa almost.

Cafe sofa can be designed into a corner of the form, this would be very Home Furnishing.Therefore, many consumers are very much like the Corner Cafe sofa. In general, the size of the Corner Cafe sofa should be 1020mmX1020mm. The highest position of the seat should be 400mm, and then to 6 degrees of tilt down, the seat depth of about 530mm

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