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Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners

Mar 4, 2016

Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners---Basic information

   Product size: 82.4 x 30.6 x 22.4 cm

Product weight: 6 Kg

Shipping weight: 6 Kg



Model: ZS201

Origin: Suzhou

   Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners---Description

   Electrolux upright vacuum cleaner ZS201 comes from Sweden,it is integrated into European creation art and Philosophy,it stands at the top of the world home appliances with quality, durability, environmental protection, taste and human nature of the design, it is deeply loved by the local families.

   The shape of electrolux upright vacuum cleaner ZS201 is simple and stylish, the function is complete, it will give you a full range of home life to enjoy life.Its extraordinary dust,originally,dust absorption is so simple. 

   Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners---Characteristics

   1, the handle type suction adjustment: the handle is provided with a sliding type suction adjustment button,According to the cleanliness of the environment, it can freely adjust the suction size.

   2, a special wooden floor brush (only ZS201 the attached): it is equipped with special wood floor brush, in the thorough cleaning. It can also avoid scratch the surface of the floor.

   3, Electrolux vacuum cleaner ZS201 body power cord winding design: extra long power cord (6 meters), it is convenient to receive and use.

   4, long-term dust filtering bag: long term filtering dust bag (1 + 3), leak proof bag dust protected. It guarantees the safe storage, it prevents secondary pollution. According to the usage, it can replace the new dust bag.

   5, vacuum degree (kPa) >21.6

   6, noise (dB):80

  7, the maximum amount of dust: 1.5L

  8, safety protection device: temperature controller

   Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners---Packing list

   A vacuum cleaner body, dual-purpose brush, base, wooden floor brush, extension tubes, 4 dust bag, manual, warranty card etc.

   Electrolux top upright vacuum cleaners---Brand introduction

   Electrolux originated in northern Europe, it is one of the world's largest kitchen and cleaning appliance manufacturers, it has nearly a hundred years of professional experience in the field of kitchen.Electrolux achieved a total sales of SEK 109 billion, and has 51000 employees worldwide.


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