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Do you want two person tents

Mar 4, 2016

        Travel tent is generally divided into a single account, double account and a number of accounts. two person tents mainly for couples or two people within the friends travel, is a part of the way to carry, arrived at the scene to be assembled. So we need all kinds of parts and tools. Understand the name and use of the various components, and familiar with the structure of the tent to quickly and easily put up the tent. Outdoor sports tent is divided into three seasons of tents and 4 seasons tent. The former is used for general outdoor activities, and the latter is for winter or alpine use.

       Two person tents are generally used waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabric technical indicators to the degree of waterproof. Water repellent is only coated with AC or PU. Generally used only for children or games. Waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach account / sun shading or the cotton curtain of drought and little rain. Waterproof 800MM-1200MM for conventional simple class camping tent. 1500MM-2000MM is used to compare the mid-range waterproof tent, need to travel for several days. Waterproof 3000MM above is generally a professional tent, take the heat / cold and other technologies to deal with. At the bottom of the material: the general use of the most common PE, the quality is mainly depends on the quality of its thickness and latitude and longitude. Better to use Oxford fabric, waterproof treatment at least in 1500MM. The inner fabric is breathable nylon or cotton fabric. Quality mainly depends on its density.

    Two person tents support has a few kinds: 1 elastic just: this kind of general is children's account or beach game account. 2 the most common is the glass fiber tube has 6, 9/7, 9/8, 5/9, 5/11/12, 5 a series of. The thicker the rigidity is stronger, more soft and weak. So it is decided by the size and height of the ground that the support of the fiber tube is reasonable. If it is too thick and easy to break. For example 210*210*130 is the ratio of the classic size, the tube is generally 7.9 or 8.5. 3 aluminum alloy skeleton: it is more high-grade. According to the test of the ratio of the alloy is also relatively difficult, generally the overall curve of the original stent. The calculation is first calculated and then heat treatment. Features are light and easy to carry, the main or not easy to fold, but the quality is not easy to bend deformation.

     On the construction of the tent workshop and outside channel (especially the channel) to install PVC sheet curtain closed. The lighting project of the two person tents workshop needs to be used by the existing light source, and then according to the need to increase.

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