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Do you want to know commercial office furniture sydney?

Mar 4, 2016

  Commercial office furniture sydney is for the daily life of work and social activities for the office,and it  equipped with appliances.

Since the reform and opening up,furniture industry made an unprecedented development, as a branch of the furniture industry, the commercial office furniture sydney industry with the production technology constantly updated, varieties will continue to increase, production specialization gradually formed and the level of management continuously improve,it realize the rapid development.

   According to the style of commercial office furniture sydney,it can be divided into: modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, new classical commercial office furniture sydney.

   European classical home: European classical furniture culture is very rich,it is suitable for the decoration of European classical style.

   American furniture: the atmosphere is simple, but it is clean and free lines.

   Chinese classical furniture: the graceful and elegant, exquisite, fascinating fascinated. Not only beautiful and generous, but also very practical!

   New classical commercial office furniture sydney: smooth lines, exquisite carved. Both nostalgic and fashion style image, even a young man also began to have a special liking for their love.

Second, according to the materials of furniture it can be divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software, furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel wood furniture.

   1, solid wood furniture: the use of wood to do the production of materials, polishing, painting and other craft processing. The materials are elegant, durable.

   2, plate type furniture: sheet metal forming, the stable performance is not easy to deformation, processing and transportation are more convenient.

   3, software furniture: software furniture mainly refers to the sponge, fabric as the main body of the furniture.

   4, rattan furniture: light and generous, those interwoven rattan  is simple, refreshing.

   5, metal furniture: highly personalized style, rich colors, variety, with a folding function, quite beautiful ,good quality and low price.

6,commercial office furniture sydney: simple geometric structure, simple combination of steel and simple color performance.

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