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Do you know the purchase skills of living room bar furniture?

Mar 4, 2016

   Today, the design of living room bar furniture,in fact,it is the design of a new life, work,leisure and entertainment.People pay attention to the color of the living room bar furniture decoration coordination, and it can reflect the owner's personality and hobbies.Living living room bar furniture tends to lean, simple, practical, and even some living room bar furniture is made of cardboard.  

   Living room bar furniture is the most important part of the decoration of the whole family, the living room decoration cabinet selection is important!Some kinds of living room bar furniture are essential, like sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet.

   Decorative cabinet:It is very important to choose a decorative cabinet which can not only decorate the living room, but also is practical and simple.In fact,the choice of decorative cabinets is also a certain skill, the living room decoration cabinet to buy skills mainly in the following aspects,the purchase skills of living room decoration cabinet mainly has the following aspects:

   1. Wide posture is always characteristic of classical style of TV cabinet,good design is able to accommodate the larger size of the TV, it is more suitable for display in the dark room.

   2.The design of cabinet whose color and material are consistent with the furniture is more simple and convenient,we just need to put it under the combination rack,which can become a practical TV cabinet.

   3.Large capacity of the box style has a strong storage function, at the same time, the TV cabinet can also be designed according to the style of furniture style open shelf, further extend the storage space.

   4 when we buy TV cabinet, we are generally based on the situation of home appliances  to choose the TV cabinet,it is as far as possible to make all the functions of the electrical appliances are played out.If you have only a small TV set in your home, you don't have to buy a large TV cabinet, or even with a large stereo base.

   1, the living room sofa sets can not appear singular, the most taboo a half, or a hospital and two sofa.
   2, the sofa should also be such as the advanced harbor,On both sides of the arm should be extended. If the sofa is a straight row, it is difficult to have as a warrior arm.

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