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Do consumers believe that the "magic" of air purifiers for smokers?

Mar 4, 2016

   For the effect of air purifiers for smokers,some consumers said they felt effective,and some said they did not understand, and some even said that buying an air purifier is to buy a psychological comfort.Mr. Wang has ever used air purifiers for smoker,he felt that there is a certain role: I clean the filter every half a month,I found a lot of dust on it, which shows that the bacteria have a certain effect on the dust in the air." Because there is no standard and reference, he also do not know whether it can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, etc..Miss Xu  who is ready to buy air purifier said:I listen to people say that it seems to be effective,and I see this product has been out for many years,I feel it will have some effect,she said that because there are elderly and children at home, she intends to buy an air purifier to try, even if there is no effect, it is a psychological comfort. 

   Experts: the current evaluation system is not scientific.

   Department of architecture and technology, Tsinghua University, Professor of architecture and equipment Engineering Research Institute Zhang Yinping believes that the current evaluation of China's air purifier manufacturers of their products is not scientific.For example,some manufacturers of air purifiers for smokers claim that the purification efficiency of harmful substances can reach 99%, or even 99.99%.But this data is under what conditions, how much space, how long to run, to achieve this effect, there is no description.Even in a lot of standards,after using for six months or a year,how about the effect of air purifiers for smokers,which is difficult to evaluate.In addition, at present, China's air purifier target pollutants are detected, but the possible harmful by-products are not detected,which leads to consumers do not know.

   From a technical point of view,do air purifiers for smokers have any use?

   Adsorption type:Such purifier has the advantages are: It does not produce by-products, initial use effect is obvious,the adsorption effect of smoke is better,but after a period of time,adsorption capacity will reach saturation, it is necessary to heat treatment (professional known as regeneration),the pollutant in the adsorption material is driven out, and the material has the function of adsorption again. Deficiency: material regeneration to the general user increases the inconvenience. 

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