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Composition of payne air conditioners

Mar 4, 2016

 Composition of payne air conditioners---compressor

   The working process of the volume of a tooth that is specified in an air conditioning compressor.Female screw,positive screw turn to each other to cater to one side of the gas compression, this side is known as the high pressure zone; instead, the screw turned to one side of the departure from the side, the volume of teeth in the expansion of the suction phase, known as the low pressure area.

   Composition of payne air conditioners---condenser

   The compresso suckes into the working fluid which comes out of the lower pressure of the evaporator,so that the pressure rise into the condenser.In the condenser, which is condensed into a high pressure liquid, through the throttle valve throttle, become low pressure liquid, into the evaporator, in the evaporator heat absorption and evaporation and become low pressure steam, thereby completing refrigeration cycle.

   Composition of payne air conditioners---evaporator

   The evaporator is an indoor machine which consists of a tube, and a set of fins.Device for concentrating or precipitating grains from solution by heating. It consists of two parts, the heating chamber and the evaporation chamber.

   Composition of payne air conditioners---four-way gate

   It is a control valve with four oil ports.Four way valve is an indispensable part of refrigeration equipment

   Composition of payne air conditioners---Capillary tube assembly

   Capillary assembly includes a capillary and a check valve.The one-way valve is widely used in outdoor machine of air conditioner, which is composed of an auxiliary capillary pipe and a one-way valve, check valve components for air conditioning machines of different types of similar.In a one-way valve there is an arrow, it indicates that the flow only can be in accordance with the direction of the direction of the flow,the reverse it stops, it can only be passed through the auxiliary capillary.One-way valve component which is mounted on the lower rear of the outdoor machine, usually with a black color of the damping block wrapped, which is silencing effect.One way valve assembly is used only in the process of air conditioning heating, in the refrigeration, the one-way valve component is not the role of.  

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