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Color collocation of commercial restaurant furniture

Mar 3, 2016

  The color collocation of commercial restaurant furniture is very important.Color configuration of the dining environment has a great influence on people's dining psychology.Commercial restaurant furniture colors are advised to bright colors, bright colors can not only enhance the mood of diners, stimulate the appetite, but also can create a warm and sweet atmosphere.

   1, the overall color collocation, but also should pay attention to the ground tone straight deep, the wall can be used in the middle of the tone, the ceiling is light, in order to increase the sense of poise. In different time, season and psychological state, people's feelings of color will be vary, it is recommended that you can use the lights to adjust the indoor color atmosphere, in order to achieve the purpose of eating.

   2, in different seasons, time and psychological state, people's feelings of commercial restaurant furniture color will be changed. At this time, the use of lamps and lanterns, including lighting, lamp shade and a number of small ornaments to adjust the overall color of the room effect. For example, the color of the commercial restaurant furniture, you can use a bright and fresh light colored wallpaper to set off. In the hot summer, with the blue lights and the results of the green table cloth collocation, you can make people have a sense of cool.

   3, color can be divided into two categories of cold and warm. Warm colors give people a warm feeling. Colors can affect people's sense of space and light.A change of a color in the room may change the overall feeling of the person, you can make the room seem more warm and you also may make the room more spacious. For example,the warm orange red or yellow can give people a warm and hospitable feeling. And the light color of commercial restaurant furniture gives the feeling of space to become big.

   4, the pattern of the wallpaper, curtains, walls of lace and different colors of the floor to create a sense of space can not be ignored. The larger the pattern, the more colorful patterns, the overall impact on the space will be more obvious. For example, on the floor with a wide stripe pattern, straight to the opposite wall, the visual effect will be too short to extend the aisle or room. The horizontal strip pattern on the wall can enlarge the width of the room, reduce the height of the room, and the longitudinal strip pattern can highlight the height of the room. Small patterns will give people a large room size and deep feeling.

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