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Classification of home vacuum cleaners

Mar 3, 2016

According to the shape,home vacuum cleaners can be divided into: a horizontal vacuum cleaner, a vertical (rod type) dust collector, a portable (hand-held) vacuum cleaner, an intelligent vacuum cleaner.

   Horizontal:It is a more common type of vacuum cleaner in Asia and Europe market, which accounts for more than 80% of the overall market,its features are: small size, convenient storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaner is also divided into "a dust cleaner" and "dust bag vacuum cleaner".

   Vertical:It is more common in the American market, it is suitable for large area of carpet cleaning.

   Hand held:Compact, portable and easy to use, it is mainly used for cleaning the car, the keyboard, electrical appliances, etc. also have a good effect. The disadvantage is that the power is small, the suction is not strong enough

   Intelligent vacuum cleaner:It can clean the dust on the floor automatically, it can clean up the hair and debris automatically.It is a high-end vacuum cleaner, it can automatically clean and charge, it has the advantage of: low noise, small size, it can easily enter the place that traditional vacuum cleaners can not reach .

   According to the function, the home vacuum cleaners can be divided into: dry vacuum cleaner and wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

   Dry vacuum cleaner:dust bag type and dust cup are dry vacuum cleaner.

   Wet and dry vacuum cleaner:Water filter cleaner, with water as a medium, it is dust, small garbage and other precipitation in the dust collection cup; when the water is not installed in the dust cup, it can be used as a dry vacuum cleaner.

   By way of filtering,home vacuum cleaners can be divided into: dust bag (bag, bag), dust cup type (dust-free bag), dust cup bag dust combo, water filtration type.

   Dust bag vacuum cleaner:The dust is filtered by dust bag of machine.Overall,the advantage of using the dust bag for the filter is that the cleaning is convenient and it does not need to be cleaned every day.The disadvantage is that it needs to replace the dust bag. In foreign countries,people still prefer to use disposable paper bags, because it is more convenient.  

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