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Choose indoor bar furniture is important

Mar 3, 2016

Indoor bar furniture design and decoration.

   There has a lot of tips about choosing indoor bar furniture.So let's learn something from the article about how to choose indoor bar furniture.

   So in the bar decoration how to choose the indoor bar furniture,and how to decorate a comfortable bar and make it match the taste and style of customs , how to choose the red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet indoor bar furniture and how to match it become a difficulty, the professionals give ten color die law.

   No more than three kinds of space color.

Silver does not include gray white. Gold and silver can be matched with any color. Gold does not include yellow.Indoor bar furniture design color is the color of the wall light. Deep furniture.

Except the yellow color system. Don't use warm colors in the kitchen.

Not to shoot the dark green tiles.

There will be half the chance of making mistakes, and even if no one is threatening to kill you, you are determined not to put the same materials together. Otherwise.You don't choose those with big flowers things (except plants) to make use of plain design. Ceiling must be light colored. The color of the ceiling system can only be white or with the wall and the color of the department. The color of the ceiling must be light or the same color as the wall.
Bar interior design - a lot of ways to go down the bar, there are many ways to close down,    Now a lot of people do not understand the restaurant on the blind to shop, with the feeling to go to the shop, resulting in a very low success rate of open restaurant. In fact, if you do your homework, to avoid mistakes, open a profitable bar success rate is great.

   Many people think the coffee shop must first be the best coffee, the equipment must be better. If you are located in the vicinity of the coffee shop with 200 yuan a kilogram of coffee beans, you will use 300 yuan a kilogram of coffee beans, the quality is better than your competitors. If your opponent uses 20 thousand yuan of coffee machine, you need to use more expensive than his coffee machine to ensure that the coffee produced better than him, so as to provide the product quality in a comprehensive way beyond your competitors. How many people are there deeply believed in the business letter and finally caused his failure.

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