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Brief introduction of gregory commercial furniture

Mar 3, 2016

   Gregory commercial furniture belongs to the luxury, the price is much higher than similar products in the country.With the improvement of people's living standards,many high-end people for the quality of life requirements continue to improve,China has become one of the world's largest luxury market.

   Brief introduction of gregory commercial furniture:

   Gregory commercial furniture which enters the Chinese market is the high-end home brand.In this context, the high-end home also landed in mainland china.Italy is the production of high-end furniture.such as Fendi CASA, Asnaghi interiors, Belcor interiors and so on.they are all from Italy,this is probably related to the fashion kingdom of Italy.Many world famous luxury brands such as Fendi, Fan Sizhe, Lamborghini and so on are from Italy.Such a stylish atmosphere and a long tradition of craftsmanship, coupled with a keen sense of fashion sense of smell and healthy living, so that the Italian has created a miracle of another fashion.

   The price of gregory commercial furniture is very high,but it does not focus on a price segment.The price and brand related with great differences,such as the price of a table is generally a few thousand dollars,a sofa may be hundreds of thousands,the price of gregory commercial furniture makes ordinary people speechless,but there are still customers in droves.Well-known "Da Vinci" fraud. The "Da Vinci" imported furniture removed the coat of 100 percent made in Italy. Also remind consumers should not blindly to the foreign brands of worship and fascination.

   Civil high-end solid wood furniture, upholstered furniture, mattresses, custom cabinets, carpets, etc. its main product categories; both at home and abroad have many sales outlets; it has more than 800 management, marketing, design, engineering and technology of senior professionals; R & D ability and rapid transformation of scientific research achievements to production and business benefits.It first set off the "log furniture hot" and caused a sensation, plate furniture bedroom, hotels furniture, office screen and Upholstered Sofa products get all-round development and production, it has formed "natural fashion, classic, experience four international theme of home style.

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