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Big family tents give you new experience

Mar 3, 2016

 When buying big family tents, the main attention of the following points: strong, durable,it can withstand wind and rain, close up the small size, light weight,it is easy to carry, and easy to install.Nylon material is relatively light, and tough. High quality big family tent with high density waterproof nylon or nylon.

     Choose dark or silver canopy tent. One can prevent sunlight and ultraviolet irradiation, and easy to fall asleep. Summer camp, may wish to buy silver, silver can reflect the sun, the camp will be more cool.In the purchase of big family tents, do not think that the bigger the better. Because carrying too heavy tent on the mountain is not convenient. It is best to buy the size of the appropriate number of people. If a lot of people should have more than one tent.Select the dome of Mongolia package is better. Mongolia package is fiber rod or elastic rod with the elastic Aluminum Alloy can bend the camp bone. Its no need to use the rope, set up the shape of the arch, like a Mongolia package and large capacity. It is suitable for the household. Hence the name. The tent can withstand strong winds and is suitable for use in high mountains and harsh weather conditions.

    The double layer big family tents not only solves the problem of inner wall water. And its wind resistance is significantly better than monolayer. The door canopy type double tent can solve the problem of storage equipment and shoes.

    Before assembling a big family tent, you should be careful to check the camp column, the camp pin, the rope and so on. All parts and spare parts are complete, whether the original accessories.It is best to choose a support material or a business column as an elastic aluminum alloy rod or a high hardness seamless aluminum alloy pipe.It is best to buy double door tent.

    The domestic tent is more like a portable cabin. Some big family tents production very well, with mesh or fabric wall of the tent is divided into several rooms. If you go camping with your children, this will no doubt provide you with some private space. Some big family tents with "corridor", is basically a large vestibular. It can eliminate your sense of depression in the heavy rain days. Some of the family tents are large enough to allow a few families to sleep in. Usually, these tents are enough for adults to stand up comfortably. Comfort is the key to this kind of tent. Home tents tend to have more features. For example, there are extra pockets on the wall to store the goods. Cloth hanger can hanging objects to prevent messy, and also has a solid floor. In order to support their own weight, the use of the heavier tents are often used in the camp. With the progress of the processing of cloth technology, big family tents used a more light, breathable, waterproof and durable fabric.

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