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Amazing camping tents must amaze you

Mar 3, 2016

   The amazing camping tents are popular outdoor tents. Camping has become a kind of leisure fashion activities. It is more and more popular with young people. A tent in the summer, the sea or the mountains and the sea breeze blow, friends chat. Barbecue and drink together,which is also a kind of happiness and romance.

    General outing with light and easy to ride, as well as the principle of cheap.Its dome shaped based, weighing about 2 kg. With a single layer. Its waterproof, wind resistant and warm and other performance is a minor, suitable for general small family travel. Mountain travel first to have some water and rain, wind and warm performance. Followed by the price. Light and supporting method. Its double triangle based, weight 3---5 kg, suitable for a wide range of camping and four seasons travel.The first consideration of the expedition is to keep warm, wind, carry and support the convenience of the performance, and the second is the price factor. This kind of tent performance is good, the price is expensive, the weight of 5 kg, is suitable for the natural conditions of evil. Other uses for tents to adapt to the different environment and the need to use, there are some other type of tent. Fishing tents, semi reunion type, for the sun and temporary rest. Cool Peng, a general tour of the sun tools. The small camping tent, is one of the essential tools in the field of the camp.

    Automatic tent are one kind of amazing camping tents.Automatic folding of the tent is one of his great features.It can be opened and put away quickly, which is very much for people who need the amazing camping tents, is undoubtedly a relief. Just tick open tent, the tent said "2 seconds", looked impressive, it is hard to imagine in the past. A good automatic tent is a glass fiber rod, with a high elasticity and toughness, can be repeated, so the life is relatively long. Low quality of automatic tent tend to use flat wire pole. The tent itself, the weight is light, but if wire distortions can not be restored to its original condition, the tent cannot be used. This amazing camping tent after folding is usually round cake, for car owners is the convenience of wind, have become essential to the trunk of the car.

   In addition ,some of the fine workmanship of the brand will add some new features for amazing camping tents .Such as sun. Has the function of the sun and the sun umbrella, and the sun umbrella, the same, believe that this is a beautiful person, it is an important index can not be ignored.
   Well,dose amazing camping tents amaze you ?

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