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What plant is a source of biodiesel?

Mar 3, 2016

   Before understanding what plant is a source of biodiesel?We come to understand the concept of biodiesel.Bio diesel, also known as fatty acid methyl ester, which is a generic name for plant diesel and animal diesel, it does not contain sulfur and aromatics, its sixteen alkanes are high, and its lubrication performance is very good.

   What plant is a source of biodiesel?---soybean

   The oil content of soybean seeds is 16%--18%,the United States genetically modified soybean oil, so that the oil content increased to 20%.Using soybean processing biodiesel, it also can produce high protein animal feed, so many countries such as the United States are selected as the raw material for the production of soybean bio diesel.

   What plant is a source of biodiesel?---Cotton

   Cotton is not only an important fiber crop, but also an important oil crop.Cotton seed is the seed of the cotton crop. The exterior is hard brown husk, inside it is benevolence, which is mainly used to extract cottonseed oil.As one of China's five major oil crops (rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed and sunflower seeds), cotton seed is an important oil plant resources.

   What plant is a source of biodiesel?---Castor

   The oil content of castor oil is about 50%, which can not be of other oil crops.Seed oil which contains about 90% of the hydroxy fatty acids, unique molecular structure determines the castor oil plant is a kind of important industrial crops, it is called "green renewable oil resources",it is the most ideal plant oil for the production of chemical raw materials. 

   What plant is a source of biodiesel?---Pistacia chinensis

   Pistacia seeds contain oil,its oil content is as high as 42.5%, which is a woody oil tree species.In recent years, with the development of bio diesel technology. Experimental results show that the Chinese pistache seed production of bio diesel carbon chain length concentrated between the C17--C19, physicochemical properties and ordinary diesel is very close, which determines its important position in the development of bio diesel.

   There are a lot of plants can be used as raw material for biodiesel. If you are interested in it,, you can contact us!

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