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What are the uses of catalysts?

Mar 2, 2016

  Before understanding the uses of catalysts,let us first understand what is the catalyst.In the chemical reaction, a substance to change the reaction rate of a chemical reaction without changing the chemical equilibrium and itself quality and chemical properties before and after the chemical reaction has not changed,which substance is known as catalyst.

   What are the uses of catalysts?In the chemical production, the catalyst has important and wide application, production of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, a variety of chemical raw materials, etc.,which must use the catalyst.

   What are the uses of catalysts?In chemical production, scientists experiment and life activities, catalyst display skills to the full.For example, in the production of sulfuric acid,we will use vanadic anhydride as catalyst.Synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen gas, using the Fe based multicomponent catalyst to increase the reaction rate.In the refinery, the catalyst is indispensable, the use of different catalysts, you can get different quality of gasoline, kerosene.Chemical synthesis of acidic and alkaline color Seth catalyst. Automobile exhaust contains harmful carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, the use of platinum and other metals as catalysts can be quickly converted into harmless carbon dioxide and nitrogen two.Enzyme is a protein produced by plants, animals and microorganisms with catalytic capacity, the chemical reaction of the organism almost all under the catalytic action of the enzyme, brewing industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.. 

   What are the uses of catalysts?In the Boltzmann distribution Boltzmann distribution and energy diagram (energy profile diagram in, we can observed: The catalyst can make the chemical reaction in the case of not changing, and the chemical reaction can be carried out by the path of less activation energy (energy activation). And usually in this kind of energy, the molecule is not unable to complete the chemical reaction, is to take a longer time to complete the chemical reaction. However, in the environment with catalyst, the molecules need less energy to complete the chemical reaction.

    What are the uses of catalysts?Of course,its use is far more than these.

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