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What are the dangerous household chemicals?

Mar 2, 2016

Dangerous household chemicals---Explosive

   An explosive substance is a solid or liquid substance that is capable of producing a gas by chemical reaction, and the temperature, pressure and velocity of the gas can cause damage to the surrounding environment. Which also includes ignition material, even if they do not emit gas.

   Dangerous household chemicals---Flammable gas

   At 20 C and 101.3kPa standard pressure,those who have a flammable range with air gas is flammable gas.

   dangerous household chemicals---Flammable aerosol

   Aerosol is an aerosol spray can, which is a container that can not be re filled,the container made of metal, glass, or plastic, its interior filled with mandatory compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases,it contains or does not contain a liquid, paste or powder and fitted with a release device, which contained material ejected to form in the gas suspension of solid or liquid particles or the formation of foam, paste or powder or in a liquid or gaseous.

   Dangerous household chemicals---Combustible solid

   Flammable solid is a solid which is easy to burn, or by friction or ignition, combustion.The solid that is easy to burn is a powdery, granular, or paste substance.In the case of a short contact with a burning match, such as a fire source, and the rapid spread of the flame, it is very dangerous.

   Dangerous household chemicals---Self heating substances and mixtures

   A solid or liquid substance or mixture, which is capable of heating a liquid or a solid, without the need for energy supply;Such a substance or mixture is different from the ignition liquid or solid, because it only has a large quantity (kg), and it will burn for a long time (hours or days).

   Note: The spontaneous combustion of a substance or mixture is caused by the reaction of the substance or mixture with oxygen and the heat is not rapidly transmitted to the outside world.When the heat is produced at a rate that exceeds the heat loss, it will occur when the heat is reached.

   When we found the abandoned chemicals, do not pick up, we should immediately call the police calls, and must say Qing specific location, packing, marking, roughly the same number and whether there is smell.

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