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The sources of nitric oxide in the human body

Mar 2, 2016

Before understanding the sources of nitric oxide in the human body
,we first understand what is nitric oxide.The nitrogen oxygen compound, chemical formula NO, molecular weight is 30.01, nitrogen valence +2. It is a colorless and tasteless gas, it is difficult to dissolve in water poisonous gas. Because of nitric oxide with free radicals, which makes it very lively chemical properties.When it reacts with oxygen,which can form a corrosive gas -- nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen dioxide can be with the water in the reaction of nitric acid, the equation is: 3NO2+H2O==2HNO3+NO.

   The sources of nitric oxide in the human body:

   Dr. Murad said that there are two sources of nitric oxide in the human body:one is the non enzymatic,which comes from the body or intake of inorganic nitrogen chemical degradation and transformation;Another one is enzyme, which is composed of nitric oxide synthase catalytic removal of L- arginine guanidino produced.The nature of the non enzymatic nitric oxide mostly from nitro vascular relaxation agent family, including nitroprusside, organic or inorganic nitrite and nitrate, nitrite amines, nitrogen mustard,hydrazine.Such as famous nitroglycerin and sodium nitroprusside vasodilation, treatment of heart disease are produced by non enzymatic endogenous nitric oxide plays a role. Nitric oxide, nitric oxide derived from nitric oxide precursors, such as arginine. Intake of the human body's arginine rich foods, in vivo through the enzyme endogenous production of nitric oxide and play its physiological functions.  

   After understanding the sources of nitric oxide in the human body, we can come to understand the health hazards.The excess production of nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate, which may explain why the astronauts will be able to produce syncope after space flight, as well as to explain the similar phenomena that occur on many continents.

   In our normal upright life, gravity causes the blood to flow to the lower limb, so the lower part of the body's blood vessels contract to make sure that there is enough blood to flow in the opposite direction.

   Do you know other sources of nitric oxide in the human body?

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