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Reasonable use of common household chemicals

Mar 2, 2016

 Chemicals are everywhere in our daily life.Understanding of the safety requirements of common household chemicals,which is a problem that can not be ignored.In daily life, detergent, disinfectant, hair dyes, preservatives and other chemicals to bring great convenience in people's lives. At the same time, the loss caused by improper use of chemicals,which also left some regrets. 

   Common household chemicals---detergent

   Detergent is a kind of surface active agent as the main ingredients,it adds a small amount of fungicides, fabric softening agent, fluorescent whitening agent, or other special additives with other functions. Detergent has massive, powder, liquid, commonly used detergents have soap, washing powder, detergent, cleaning agent, cleaning agent for toilet for kitchen etc.

  Common household chemicals---soap,washing powder
   Soap is a kind of common detergent,in the use, we should pay attention to the following points:

   1: soap requirements for water quality is more demanding, we can not use soap in hard water, sea water, acid water.

   2: the alkaline soap is strong, it is not suitable for washing silk, wool fabrics and certain chemical fiber fabrics (silk, wool fabric by alkali corrosion, the fiber will shrink the fabric deformation)
   3: it is not suitable to use soap in washing machine.

   The limitations of soap in the washing powder and liquid detergent, prompting the rapid development. The principle of washing powder is similar to that of soap, enzyme washing powder is endless, and the decomposition of the enzyme is specific and efficient.The dirt may contain a small amount of protein, such as milk stains, broth stains, etc., the body also contains a certain amount of sebum secretion of protein.Adding alkaline protease in washing clothes,which can make the clothes on the protein hydrolysis into soluble amino acids.A little scrub, stains can be removed. Proteinase washing powder on the removal of protein fouling has special effects, for grease dirt of alkaline lipase can also greatly improve the decontamination ability of washing powder. 

   Common household chemicals---disinfectant

   In order to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment used or the living environment,we often use a variety of disinfectants.There are many kinds of disinfectant,the commonly used disinfectants include alcohol solution, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and chlorine series disinfectant of peracetic acid, etc.

   Common household chemicals---Hair dye

   Because of the special composition of hair dye,its harm to the human body can not be ignored.So I suggest young people as little as possible to dye hair.

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