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How catalysts work?

Mar 2, 2016

After the discovery of the magic of the catalyst,scientists have been committed to how catalysts work?Understanding the nature of the catalytic role,which not only helps people to improve catalytic theory,but also more importantly, in practice, it helps people to find a more efficient and cheaper catalyst. 

   The principle of catalytic reaction,that is, how catalysts work?This is a more complex problem,there are even some questions that have not yet been fully understood, or that scientists have not yet reached a common understanding.

   Of course,it does not mean that the catalytic reaction is not known.To discuss that how catalysts work?we must first come to the preliminary understanding of the composition of the material and the chemical changes of the material.

   How catalysts work?Scientists found that the world's material is made up of very tiny particles - atoms, molecules, ions, and so on.It is these particles that form our material world.The particles that make up the material world are in constant motion, even though the surface looks stationary, like a cup of water placed on the surface of the table.Brown, British scientists have done a famous Brownian motion experiment, observed in experiments: floating on the surface of pollen and other small particles kept doing irregular movement, people put it known as Brownian motion, it intuitively that water molecules in does not stop doing without the law of motion. 

   After a long period of research, the scientists found that the speed of different kinds of chemical reaction is not the same.Some of the chemical reaction speed is very fast,it is complete in a moment,such as explosive: explosives in instantaneous light rapid combustion, in a very short period of time, the relatively closed space produce large amounts of gas, resulting in the explosion.he speed of the explosion reaction is quite fast. And some chemical reaction rate is very slow,even under high temperature and high pressure, this reaction is very slow.

   How catalysts work?In a chemical reaction, the activation energy of the chemical reaction can be reduced effectively by using the catalyst, thereby increasing the percentage of the activation molecule, and the speed of the chemical reaction is significantly accelerated.

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