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Where should you have your car alarms installed?

Mar 2, 2016

 Where should you have your car alarms installed?Do you what to know where should you have your car alarms installed?Now let me tell you where you should have your car alarms installed.

   Normally,you should have your car alarms installed in the inside of car anti-theft device,it can lock check starter, fuel supply and ignition system circuit, play a role in deterrence, anti-theft. The anti-theft device is usually composed of a host of an anti-theft device, a vibration sensor, a fire extinguishing relay, an alarm horn, and a remote controller. Automobile electronic anti-theft device is divided into one-way anti-theft device and two-way anti-theft device two. The function of the automobile electronic anti-theft device mainly includes: the vehicle body vibration alarm, the illegal opening door alarm, the illegal start car alarm, the robbery alarm and so on.

   Automotive electronic anti-theft device has a lot of products, different product installation methods are not exactly the same. The basic approach is:

   1. To install a burglar alarm ,you should first check whether there is fault in the circuit system of the original vehicle, such as starting circuit, steering lamp circuit, a door switch, lock circuit etc., in determining the normal circuit after the installation of anti-theft device.

   Check method is:

1) start circuit: the car key in rotation to the "on" position, observation instrument tray the indicating lamp bright as airbags, ABS, charging, engine fault light situation, then start the vehicle, and then observe the indicating lamp extinguished without exception.

   2)turn lamp circuit: turn the key to the "ON" position, turn left and right turn signal switch, observe whether the frequency of the left and the right is the same.

   3)door switch: respectively, open the door, check all the door to detect whether the switch is in contact with normal, observe respectively, when the door is opened, the car dome light is bright. At present, most of the models of the lamps with delay quenching function, after the extinction of the inspection needs of lamps, in order to open the other door,and check whether the switch is damaged, leakage, poor contact etc. phenomenon, to prevent to install a burglar alarm after the emergence of false alarms.

   4)the central locking circuit: with the original car keys to open or close the left front door to observe all the door is in the same period to open or close. The purpose is to prevent the original car door lock circuit or mechanical structure failure.

   SO,do you know where should you have your car alarms installed?

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