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What is the composition of the car alarms systems?

Mar 2, 2016

  The equipment of car alarms systems is generally divided into: front detector, alarm controller. The alarm controller is a host, such as a host computer as), used to control including wired / wireless signal processing, system fault detection, power supply, input signal and output signal, built-in dial-up, and these aspects, a burglar alarm system alarm controller is essential.Front-end detector comprises a magnetometer switches, glass break detector, infrared detector and infrared, emergency call button.

   History of the car alarms systems:

   The first generation of the car alarms systems is alarm switch, it prevents broke in the theft, the alarm installed in the windows and doors.

   The second generation of the car alarms systems is installed in the indoor glass broken alarm and vibration alarm.

   The third generation of the car alarms systems is a space mobile alarm (such as ultrasonic, microwave, passive infrared alarm, etc.), this type of alarm is characterized by: as long as the alert space is moving will cause alarm. The burglar alarm system has been developed rapidly in the alarm detector.

   Composition of the car alarms systems:

   Perimeter alarm system:The first line of Defense: it comprises a perimeter prevention alarm system constitute,to guard against turning the wall and surrounding into the community of illegal intruders. It adopts induction cable or active infrared to radio.

   Community monitoring system:The second security line of Defense: it consists of the community monitoring system,it carries out monitoring and management of vehicles, personnel and key facilities in the community and the main channels. Community alarm system with perimeter protection system and on-site records to monitor, it improve the efficiency of the police response.

   Patrol management system:Third security line of Defense: it consists of the security patrol management system, which through residential security personnel in the residential area of suspicious persons, events supervision. With the electronic patrol system, which ensure the security personnel patrolling in place, it implements the strict management of district property.

   Intelligent security industry has become an important development trend. Intelligent is actually in the process of ordinary monitoring alarm to increase the intelligent analysis of response, intelligent control functions.Intelligent anti-theft alarm system can make the work more efficient, which makes users more worry.

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