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What do you think the best car chargers?

Mar 2, 2016

 What do you think the best car chargers?First,how to select the best car chargers,it depends on your demand.
   Resistance to high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency (a design against electromagnetic interference (EMI) switching power supply chip,maybe they are ideal best car chargers.

   Sometimes you will encounter the best car chargers you buy can not be charged to your electrical appliances, so that there may be a problem of matching. For example: do you use the electrical voltage is USB car charge 5V DC voltage. If the voltage is correct, it is possible that your power.


SB based on the above factors: it is the first to turn the car's power supply 12V DC or 24V DC into 5V DC; and then the output of the 5V DC using USB unified interface to the corresponding electrical. Based on different electrical power is different, USB car charging power is also different,it mainly different from the USB car charging current.

USB car charge commonly used specifications: output: DC 500mA

DC 700mA 5V; DC 1000mA 5V; DC 2000mA 5V;when you understand the output voltage of its specifications are DC 5V, you can find that there are a variety of specifications of its current. The different current specifications are convenient to use and choose to apply to different electrical appliances. In the past, the mobile phone is basically 500mA current; but with the development of the times, mobile phone business, mobile phone, mobile phone, music, Internet phone, etc., its power. So the current needs of the charger is relatively large. The different specifications of the USB car to allow users to select the appropriate matching specifications.

USB the price of the car with the USB filling specifications have a different relationship,it may look exactly the same, but the output of the label is different, the price is not the same. Usually the current is greater, the greater the power, the higher the price. Price can be divided into the cost price, the factory price, wholesale market price and retail price. Here from the user's point of view, roughly say about the retail price. In the network sales platform price of best car chargers account 3-80 range, which is mainly in the power of the product and the different prices of materials.

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