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What are the types of car alarms uk?

Mar 2, 2016

Do you know what are the types of car alarms uk?Now let's get to know together.

   Types of car alarms uk---mechanical type

   Mechanical anti-theft device is the most simple and cheapest in the market, an anti-theft device type, the principle is very simple, but the steering wheel and control pedal or lock handle lock.The utility model has the advantages of cheap price and convenient installation; The disadvantage is that the security is not complete, every time the disassembly is troublesome, when we do not use it, we have to find a place to place.

   Types of car alarms uk---Chip type

   Chip digital anti-theft device is the focus of anti-theft device for automobile development, most of the cars are used this way of security as the original anti-theft device.Chip type anti-theft has been developed to the fourth generation, the latest launch of the fourth generation electronic anti-theft chips with special diagnosis function, which has an authorized person in reading the secret key information to get information on the history of the anti-theft system, system by the authorized number of spare keys, mark and other background information become part of the transceiver safety.

   Types of car alarms uk---Electronic type

   The so-called electronic anti-theft, in short, that is,give the car lock and electronic identification,with the key to unlock all need to enter a dozen password automobile security way, it generally has remote control technology, with the rapid development of electronic technology and developed a security way.

   Types of car alarms uk---GPS

   And the origin of many high-end technology and the "origin" of the GPS also has a strong military background, global satellite positioning system, in the 70s of the 20th century,in order to fight against the Soviet Union, the United States spent $13 billion developed and developed. Originally, it was only used in the military field.

   Types of car alarms uk---Biometric anti-theft lock

   A fingerprint lock is a kind of automobile door lock which is made by using different fingerprint characteristics of each person.When making, in the lock installation of the owner's fingerprint graphics, when the owner opens the door, as long as the finger to the door lock on a press, if the fingerprint match, the door is open.

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