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The types of cell phone car chargers

Mar 2, 2016

One car chargers, USB cell phone car chargers and maintenance cell phone car chargers, the latest launch of the cell phone shell charger.
   Cell phone shell charger

   The general appearance of mobile phone and mobile phone charger shell ordinary shell has no difference to conventional mobile phone shell

Mobile phone shell slightly thick. Have 2300mAh battery capacity,it can provide a complete charge, generally by the lithium battery or dry battery as a power storage unit.

Other charger

   USB mobile phone charger

   General user contact is mainly in front of two types. And on the market,the most popular car charger is travel charger, travel charger also has a variety of, common cheap duck type miniature charger, ordinary desktop board type charger, with liquid crystal display high-end desktop charger. In view of the mobile phone users most are non professional users, so the charger basically has full stop function and most of the charger belong to quick charger, charging time of 1-3 hours.

Emergency charger

   Some manufacturers in charging circuit using the integrated block is claimed as "microcomputer control", in fact, many low cost by using the integrated block are cheap transmittal integrated block, and some special charging control integrated unit price is higher,it is generally used for more upscale brand charger. So we can not believe that the so-called microcomputer control, especially cheap products. Many products look similar but the internal line is not the same, and its performance is very different.

Although there is not a lot of charging phenomenon, but there is a problem of insufficient charging, the direct performance of the battery discharge time is short, that is, the phone standby call time is short. In original random new battery ,users can compare instructions provide roughly referring to time,if the reference value and the actual use there is an obvious gap, there is reason to doubt the charger problem, of course, does not rule out battery quality, the use of mobile phones environment and other factors.

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