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The principle of motorcycle exhaust systems

Mar 2, 2016

 Do you know the principle of motorcycle exhaust systems?Let us talk about the principle of motorcycle exhaust systems.
   In general, the riders think that motorcycle exhaust systems for a motorcycle,it is far less than iridium spark plugs and direct ram air come reallier,generally, senior riders for the reworking of the exhaust is only limited to replacing tail section,"this is the Japanese original through Scorpio, increasing power XX horsepower!" If you do not install the tail section,it will be comparable to the rocket; but in fact, the the general competitive exhaust have to be replaced, for GP,the motorcycle exhaust systems of new car are extremely rare for dozens of times.

   Let us talk about the two red, the ideal exhaust process is exhaust valve open, high pressure exhaust gas under pressure flows out of the cylinder, can not rely on self pressure flow out the remainder of the scavenging process after exclusion, four red scavenging process is located through the next stop point of the piston upward first stopping point, then it will rule out the exhaust.And two red exhaust process is special, the scavenging process is through the jet equivalent to full of exhaust gas in the top of the cylinder gas to discharge the waste gas, because gas is mixed with the exhaust gas in the scavenging process, so after the completion of the exhaust cylinder still some of the exhaust gas and exhaust pipe, gas, it will cause the loss of engine power, fuel consumption will rise.

   After the expansion chamber is connected in series in the exhaust pipe, it can be changed:when the exhaust valve opens and the cylinder from spewing out of the exhaust gas,The first section, from the exhaust gas into the generated a positive pressure pulse wave, and its sound to end communication, after the first paragraph, pulse wave into the expansion chamber pressure, when traveling to the expansion of the expansion chamber, positive pressure pulse wave conduction caused a sudden increase in cross-sectional area a negative pressure pulse wave in the expansion section, and then through the contraction then produces a positive pressure pulse, the two pulse wave respectively in the expansion period for the source, spread to both ends of the pipeline, which is part of the exhaust valve head section moves to spread due to stall (if the exhaust valve is not closed) first, the negative pressure wave will be part of a gas cylinder is sucked into the exhaust pipe; the ensuing barotropic wave and then the exhaust pipe part of the gas pressure in the cylinder, through the process of suction pressure in the cylinder exhaust exhaust and exhaus.

   This is the principle of motorcycle exhaust systems.

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