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The introduction of racing exhaust systems

Mar 2, 2016

  Do you know the racing exhaust systems?And have you learned the racing exhaust systems or have you heard the racing exhaust systems?Now let's tell you someting about racing cars and the racing exhaust systems.

   The origin of the motor racing has more than 100 years of history. The first race was on the road between the city. Many drivers have been killed because of the great danger of the road race, so the professional race was invensted.

   The first race was held in Paris in April 20, 1887.

   Motor racing is divided into two categories, the venue and non racing car racing.

   track cycle

   Just as its name implies, is the car in the closed field of the provisions of the competition. It can be divided into drift racing, formula racing, car racing, sports car game, GT endurance race, short track rally races, track racing, straight sprint and.

   Non site racing

   Basically the game field is not closed

The main points of the rally, cross-country and mountain climbing, beach, mud and so on.
Formula contains the F1, F3, GP2, f3000 and Indy Racing, the United States Champion equation, Formula Ford, Formula Renault and karting.

In an ordinary textbook of cars, the chassis of a vehicle is defined. Chassis is used for supporting, installing the engine and its components, assembly, the formation of the overall shape of the car, and to accept the power of the engine, so that the car to generate movement, to ensure the normal running of the overall.It consists of four parts, the driving mechanism, the driving mechanism, the steering mechanism and the braking mechanism. In other words, in addition to the engine, tires and body shell, almost all were included in the scope of the chassis.

   racing exhaust systems

   The engine is the core of the car, the most expensive, the most confidential and most complex part of the. The FIA in order to save money, reduce the power output and improve the safety, since the 2006 season,it began to switch to 2.4 - liter V8 engine, but for those who do not have the economic strength and timely transition team, you can continue to use two years of 3.0 liter V10 engine, but in order to ensure fair competition they must be subject to restrictions on the speed and the air volume.

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