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Stainless steel exhaust systems for car

Mar 2, 2016

 Stainless steel exhaust systems

   In the past 30 years, a large number of European and Japanese development and has formed a wide range of applications in the stainless steel exhaust systems of low chromium,the stainless steel consumption has been nearly 100%. The main production plant are JFE, NSSC (NSSC), Pohang iron and steel and Arcelor Mittal.Among them, the low chromium series have SUH409L, etc., in the chromium series are SUS429, SUS432L, SUS439L, SUS436L, SUS441, etc.According to the using environmental temperature, low temperature in warm parts of stainless steel exhaust systems products have on suh409l, SUS439L, SUS432L, SUS436L etc. for high temperature steel SUS436L, SUS429, SUS441, SUS434 etc.409 series of low chromium element stainless steel exhaust systems body because they absorb both the advantages of economy and practicability,they are the most widely used systems and use accounted for 50% of the entire system of car exhaust ~ 60%. The corrosion resistance of medium chromium ferritic stainless steel exhaust systems,especially the addition of alloying element SUS436L,they were further improved by Mo. SUS439 in the chromium because of better corrosion resistance than the 409L and lower cost of manufacture than 436L, by the car host plant.

   Domestic production of ferritic stainless steel for automotive exhaust system

   Automotive is different from other commodities, the vast majority of parts and components materials must be approved by the automotive OEM,and parts suppliers of technology certification and processing certification and access to the use of license. However, at present, the material certification requirements of different automobile host plants are not the same, which can not be recognized, and the material certification process often takes one and a half years or more to complete. Therefore, it is necessary to form a unified and reliable evaluation method of material certification, and further promote the process of production of stainless steel exhaust systems. Domestic automotive OEMs, steel mills and parts suppliers can be united Automotive Industry Association and other relevant agencies, the establishment of domestic promotion group, according to domestic vehicle requirements, introduced for material evaluation standard of Chinese automobile, to adapt to the rapid development of China's automobile industry demand for stainless steel exhaust systems.

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