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Introduction of walker exhaust systems

Mar 2, 2016

Walker exhaust systems refer to:in order to prevent the generation of equipment in the production process of harmful substances in the air of workplace pollution, often through the exhaust cover or ceiling air in place of harmful matter to be trapping, and pipeline transported to the cleaning equipment for processing, to achieve the discharge standards, reused or discharged into the atmosphere.When there are multiple sets of such equipment in the production, and every local exhaust airflow without much,for economic considerations, they are often combined into a whole, consisting of a local exhaust system, the entire system to share a purification equipment and fans.

   In the local walker exhaust systems,in order to achieve the effect of the collection of harmful substances, the local walker exhaust systems are required to be able to exhaust the local exhaust air.And the key to do this is to design the pipeline system. When the air volume of each device is equal, it is called uniform air suction pipe system. Taking into account the general situation, the local exhaust air volume of each device is called quantitative suction pipe system.In the past,the design of uniform suction duct uses the dry pipe of the uniform design method or the descending speed ladder design method.For the quantitative suction pipe, we adopt the resistance balance method, which is too coarse for the analysis of the problem, and the large amount of air flow after the operation is too large, it has not adapted to the requirements of the environment.
   In this paper, the design method of the local walker exhaust systems,the energy relation of the air flow in the exhaust duct is analyzed in more detail, and the more accurate calculation can be carried out. After the operation, the air volume of the equipment and the design value of the deviation is very small.

    In general terms,for arbitrary shape and size of the branch and any given volume, it is found that if the branch pipe of the hydrostatic pressure calculation, and the stem tube air arrived at the confluence of the residuary static pressure is equal to the branch of hydrostatic pressure calculation, the branch can according to the given amount of wind suction. This is the quantitative suction principle.

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