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Introduction of car alarms installation

Mar 2, 2016

    Car alarms installation is a system which is designed to prevent the car from being stolen.It consists of a remote controller or a key, an electronic control circuit, an alarm device and an actuating mechanism.The earliest car door lock is a mechanical door lock, it is only used for the car to prevent the door automatically open and accident occurred, it only plays the role of driving safety, it does not play the role of security.With the progress of society, the development of science and technology and the continuous increase in the amount of car ownership,the door of the car and the truck is equipped with a door lock with a key. This is only a door lock control door lock button is on the other, the car door lock or unlock.

   Brief introduction of car alarms installation:In order to better play the role of anti-theft, and some of the car is also equipped with a steering lock. Steering lock is used to lock the vehicle steering shaft.The steering lock is arranged on the steering wheel, and it is controlled by the key.

   Development of car alarms installation in various countries:

   Development of car alarms installation in U.S.A:Texas Instruments Inc., a subsidiary of a subsidiary of using radio frequency technology, successfully developed a "fixed vehicle system, the RF transponder embedded car keys, the transponder memory and specific vehicle coincides with the special identification code.

   Development of car alarms installation in Germany:

   The German Mercedes Benz Corp began production of the first batch of absolute anti-theft luxury sedan in December 1, 1994. This kind of car is equipped with "electronic door key" infrared remote controller, which emits light signal which is invisible to the naked eye, and the special sensor for receiving the signal to guard against theft.

   Development of car alarms installation in Australian:Electronic tracking technology is a combination of the tracing identification and tracking radar system, which can monitor and identify the moving vehicles in 14 m.Each logo has a silicon integrated circuit and a transmitting device. Logo can track the owner's requirements of the password, the factory fashion in the car.

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