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How to modify the motorbike exhaust systems?

Mar 2, 2016

  Modify the motorbike exhaust systems 1:General Factory Pipe

   Modify the motorbike exhaust systems 2:Back pressure tube (and original as more environmentally friendly) like the principle of original plant, but the sound will than the original nice original car mostly adopts the tube is mainly rely on the volume change of the inner tube grid plate muffler or tube to generate a return cylinder pressure, when the ignition of the engine, the piston begins diameter action force stroke, and exhaust valve will before the piston reaches the bottom dead center will open. At this time, the pressure inside the tube will block the exhaust gas out, so that the mixture can achieve full combustion. But back pressure is too strong, will cause the exhaust gas can not be discharged completely cylinder, resulting in waste gas and mixed gas Iraq burning low combustion efficiency. Of course the most direct is cited ring horsepower output advantages: low noise, low-speed torque good shortcomings: high speed exhaust gas can not be discharged quickly and directs the sound engine power output volume: low (star)

   Modify the motorbike exhaust systems 3:Half back pressure pipe of course... The pipe back pressure strength low, exhaust Shun degree than the back pressure pipe easy to say, he is between the back pressure pipe and straight pipe between moderate back pressure to obtain the starting torque exhaust compliance than back pressure tube better, of course, in high speed torque also than the back pressure tube advantages: tail speed torque performance good disadvantages: noise is too large (Er Kexing) volume: the large.

   Modify the motorbike exhaust systems 4:Through accelerating tube of back pressure tube is good, but the biggest drawback is very noisy, noisy meeting let "cop" to chase you back pressure is very low, without exhaust resistance, poor low speed torque, speed and high torque in great advantages: smooth exhaust, high speed high torque disadvantages: low speed soft power, noise (some people say easy to burn out valve do not know is not true) volume: oversized.

   Modify the motorbike exhaust systems 5:Half straight pipe in fact, half straight tube with half back pressure pipe is the same as the exhaust diameter than half back pressure pipe to the large, advantages: starting torque lower than half back, but in the high speed torque of the type of exhaust pipe.

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