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How to choose portable car chargers?

Feb 26, 2016

   How to select portable car chargers?

   Car charger, conventional through car battery (12V Car, truck 24V )power supply of  portable car chargers, extensive use in a variety of portable, hand-held device of lithium battery charge in the field, such as: mobile phone, PDA, GPS, etc.;select portable car chargers need to consider the actual demand for the CV (constant voltage charging lithium battery, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), but also take into account the car battery is the harsh environment (transient voltage spikes, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); therefore select vehicle charging scheme of power management IC must be met at the same time, resistance to high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency (a design against electromagnetic interference (EMI) of switching power supply chip;


   (1) poor reliability, single function,have no overtemperature protection, short circuit protection and other safety measures;

   (2) although the output is DC voltage, but the control output constant current charging mode is the maximum limit of the maximum switching current, the accuracy is not high enough;

   Car charger application

   The portable car chargers are in order to facilitate the car owners to charge power supply for digital products at any time and anywhere. Part of the high-end portable car chargers generally includes 2 USB interface, but they also for two digital products. Such products generally have overload protection,
Short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four heavy security protection function, ensure safe use. Car charger in the vehicle at the same time, also can realize the household, car charger, charging, USB charging three in one function

   Features: multi functionality, portability, fashion, security
With the development of the automotive industry, car charger is widely used, showing a multi-functional, portable, stylish features. In the market, the more influential car charger has Universal Charge MiLi and other products. This product specific power management program, the output current up to 1A, is the world's fastest rechargeable USB charger.

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