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How much do you know about the principle of good car alarms?

Feb 26, 2016

  It is estimated that a lot of cars are equipped with good car alarms, but, do you know what is the principle of good car alarms? Does the good car alarms mean that your car is safe?

   Impossible to guard against the car thefts.

   The first documented case of car theft occurred in 1896, the car came only after ten years away.Because the car is expensive, it is easy to be sold, and it is easy for thieves to escape, so for hundreds of years, it has been rogue like one of the goals.Research shows that in the United States alone,one car is stolen every 20 seconds.

   Good car alarms comprises a series of sensors and an alarm device.

   The most basic good car alarms is generally composed of one or more sensors and the alarm connected to the alarm system.The most simple alarm system is:on the driver's side door installed on the switch and connected line, if someone opened the door, the alarm will ring. The car alarm system needs a switch, a couple of wires, and an alarm.

   Now, most good car alarms are much more complex than that. These alarm systems generally include:

   1 a set of sensors, which includes switches, pressure sensors and motion detectors

   2 it can emit a variety of sound alarm, you can choose a different voice

   3 wireless receiver with key card wireless control
4 spare batteries, in the case of the main battery is disconnected, it can also guarantee the normal operation of the alarm system.

   The computer control unit, which is also the "brain" of the alarm system,it can monitor the surrounding situation and send out the alarm.

   The "brain" of many advanced alarm systems is actually a small computer. When the sensor is aware of the abnormal situation, the "brain" will close the switch, activate the alarm device (that is, the horn, car lights or alarm). Different security systems use different sensors, and sensor access controllers are also different.

   The controller and the alarm system are generally connected to the main battery of the vehicle, and the controller and the alarm system are usually equipped with a standby power supply. If someone cut off the main power supply (such as cut, the hidden battery cable) standby power supply will intervene.

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