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High performance exhaust systems of cars

Feb 26, 2016

 Automotive exhaust system refers to the a system which can collect ang exhust air, generally by the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, exhaust temperature sensor, automotive muffler and exhaust tail pipe, etc.

   high performance exhaust systems 

   Stainless steel for high performance exhaust systems

   In recent years, with the attention to the global environmental issues, fuel economy and automobile exhaust emissions of the grade requirements continue to increase, the ferritic stainless steel for high performance exhaust systems are more used in automotive exhaust system parts. At present, ferrite stainless steel high performance exhaust systems have been significantly improved, the ferrite stainless steel body with low price and good performance, European, American and Japanese cars almost all use ultra pure plain stainless steel for high performance exhaust systems and components manufacturing.

   Automobile exhaust system performance requirements of stainless steel in recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the demand for automotive steel is unprecedented, including stainless steel. With automobile exhaust emission level and for the further improvement of the implementation of energy-saving,and it carries out of weight reduction of automobiles and other requirements, the traditional exhaust system with casting metal and aluminizing carbon steel material has been unable to meet the requirements, the stainless steel material especially high performance ferrite stainless steel has been widely used.

Automobile exhaust system mainly consists of the exhaust manifold, pipe, converter, pipe, muffler tail pipe and different parts of stainless steel materials have different performance requirements. Stainless steel exhaust system service environment can be divided into low temperature end (tube, muffler and tail pipe) and high temperature end (in front of the tube, a manifold). Low temperature end of the stainless steel mainly to condensate corrosion failure, and in the middle and high temperature stainless steel it mainly takes high temperature oxidation, high temperature fatigue and high temperature salt damage and other main failure. At the same time, different parts of the stainless steel material molding properties also put forward higher requirements.

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