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Four parts of exhaust systems for cars

Feb 26, 2016

   Exhaust systems for cars include the purification device of exhaust pipes, exhaust pipe, muffler and exhaust (three yuan catalytic).The exhaust systems for cars which are usually called refer to these parts.It is not exhaust systems for cars, professional exhaust systems for cars are also divided into after the exhaust pipe and exhaust pipe.

   The function of the exhaust systems for cars is: to discharge the waste gas from the cylinder into the atmosphere as little as possible.The exhaust pipe is designed around the resistance and noise.To make the engine work well,we all know, the intake should be enough, the exhaust should be free. Air intake, we have talked about the air filter, here we talk about the exhaust.
   Smooth exhaust can make the engine power and torque have a corresponding increase.So some people move their brains in the exhaust,we often have "ring throat".Free to exhaust the entire exhaust system is free, it will make the engine power and torque have a corresponding increase. Behind the light for a long time, it does not play much role, such as water pipes connected to a large faucet and can not be more water on the same principle.

   Speaking of a thin water pipe, we must from the exhaust valve exhaust gas began to speak;From the exhaust valve exhaust started, it must first enter exhaust branch pipe. Then it summarizes to flexible exhaust tube, it through the three-way catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, muffler pipe to the exhaust tail. You look at the "throat" to improve the part? Which is as long as there is a "thin pipe" has not changed, then fine pipes connected a leading, in addition to give you a little ferocious noise, the other is no good.

   The shape of the exhaust systems for cars is very important, most people think that the shorter the better.If it is short, the exhaust gas can be discharged early, resistance is very small, in fact, otherwise.It is too short, the exhaust is to go back, so the longer the better, as far as possible the use of inertia exhaust.  

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