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Do you know the dual dvd players for cars?

Feb 26, 2016

 Do you know the dual dvd players for cars? What the dual dvd players for cars is?Have you heard the dual dvd players for cars or do you have any knowledge about dual dvd players for cars?Well,just take the dual dvd players for cars aside,we talk the car dvd players today.
   Some people say that the car imagine is simply to prepare for others,"the image is useless" this sentence is saying that there is a certain reason. For attention traffic of the driver especially those just took the novice on the road, staring at the road around the eyes had just enough,if this car to play with sound to attract attention of image, that isn't more chaos?

   General high-end cars factory standard car DVD, and for ordinary driving work gens, simple fixed points on the line distance in car DVD movies seems to be not too realistic, take recently more and more traffic jams, more owners will choose to listen to the FM to keep abreast of traffic, only occasionally listen to CD, even in the market appeared to rhyme GoRun as representatives,it was welcomed by the majority of owners,because it can be inserted USB and SD card car audio. So that the majority of people like digital music because it can be inserted in the car U disk or SD card to listen to MP3 and the like, the popularity of this product is also a great proof in the car entertainment or to listen to the main.
In fact, the real can be used on car DVD is mainly those often runs long-distance truck equipped with passenger, and party and government organs and private owners in the car sent boring time, there is a small part of the often lie live, private car owners etc.

   All in all, the car DVD image is basically not for the driver to prepare. And in Europe the provisions of the state, car once ignition start, car DVD screen will automatically shut down, which is to protect the safety of driving. It is also verified that the vehicle image is to others prepared pure.

General DVD using VBR MPEG2 format compression image,it is a dynamic variable data stream compression,it has a great difference with the previous VCD. VCD utilizes CBR format, the data stream is fixed, each disc storage film length is fixed; and DVD storage film length os also can be changed, data flow using the small time relatively long some, on the contrary data flow, storage film length short. This is also the main reason for the quality of DVD9 higher than DVD5.

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