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Do you know the best exhaust systems?

Feb 26, 2016

   Do uou know the best exhaust systems?And have you learned the best exhaust systems or have you heard the best exhaust systems?What do you think the best exhaust systems?I think racing cars have the best exhaust systems,so let' learn something about the racing cars.

   Motor racing is divided into two categories, the venue and non racing car racing. The engine is the core,it is the most expensive, the most confidential and most complex part of the F1.

   This is a kind of car field competition. The car must be in accordance with the International Automobile Federation to develop manufacturing vehicle technology rules,which was issued by the provisions of the program, including the carbody structure, length and width, minimum weight, engine working volume, number of cylinders, fuel tank capacity, electronic equipment, tire distance and size.

   Formula racing at all levels is different from the manufacturing process. Belonging to the formula car race project: F1, F-3000, F-3, formula Asia, infinite equations, Formula Ford, Formula Renault, go kart equations.

Grand Prix Formula One Grand Prix formula one referred to as: F1 Grand Prix is currently the world's fastest and most expensive, the highest game technology and auto racing in the highest level of competition. The world's first racing car was held in France in 1900 melun. Modern Formula One World Championship is in 1950 in British Silverstone race start. Now it held annually in 18 games, the 2004 Shanghai, China participated in the, by the International Automobile Federation competitions.

It was originally defined as "a vehicle that has at least four wheels that are not on a line, and at least two of them are used for steering and at least two wheels for driving". More specific definition refers to the cylinder capacity of 3.5 liters, about 600 horsepower, the maximum speed of 315 kilometers per hour of the formula car. Here the "equation" to take the meaning of a certain format, that is, the weight of the car, long, wide, the distance and size of the tires, etc.. In all the Formula One racing, the Formula .One racing is the most advanced level.

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