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What are the characteristics of stainless mesh screen?

Feb 26, 2016

Stainless steel screen is different from the general mesh products,but there is a strict series of mesh size.And there are particles of the object classification, screening function in line with industry, institutions, standards recognized by the mesh products. The screen is not "mesh", "a number of people used" just to describe the screen, it is difficult to overcome. The screen mesh is different from general products, it has strict mesh size, rather than "mesh". The screen size is not isolated, it is composed of series of mesh size, the purpose is for classification screening, only in this way the mesh products, it may be referred to the screen.

   Introduction of stainless mesh screen:Stainless mesh screen products refers to the production and processing of stainless steel wire or stainless steel sheet material and the regular arrangement.

    Material of stainless mesh screen:SUS201, SUS202, SUS302, SUS304, SUS316, SUS304L, SUS316L, SUS310, SUS310s, SUS430 various stainless steel grades.From the production process can be divided into: weaving, touch welding, stretching, punching, etc.; which weave and points for plain weave, twill weave.

   According to the process and material morphology,it can be divided into: stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel net, stainless steel punching net, stainless steel Crimped Wire Mesh, etc. varieties.

   What are the characteristics of stainless mesh screen?

   Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and good performance;High strength, tensile strength, toughness and wear resistance, durable;Resistance to high temperature oxidation and 304 stainless steel screen name tolerance temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, 310S stainless steel screen name tolerance temperatures up to 1150 degrees Celsius.It is easy to normal processing, plastic processing, it makes use of stainless steel screen the possibility of diversification;Finish is high, it does not have to deal with the surface, it is convenient and simple maintenance.

   The use of stainless mesh screen:stainless mesh scree is widely used for sifting and filtering and door decoration, applicable over the range of mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, construction, decoration, electronics, aerospace and other industries.

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