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Types of electrical wires

Feb 26, 2016

     Types of electrical wires 1, bare wire

     Common steel strand, Steel core aluminum stranded wire, Aluminum clad steel wire, etc..

     Use: rack in the air transmission of electricity.

     Advantages: small quality, easy to hang, will span;

     Disadvantages: easy to corrosion, easy to shock.

     Types of electrical wires 2, enamel covered wire, is not common

     Types of electrical wires 3, power cable

     Use: buried in underground transmission of electricity.

     Advantages: large section, support for high voltage and high voltage remote power transmission;

Disadvantages: Manufacture and installation cost is high, manufacturing is difficult.

     Types of electrical wires 4, communication cables (not involved, not familiar with)

     Types of electrical wires 5, electrical equipment with wire and cable

     Common plastic lines (BV, BLV, BVR, BVVB, BLVVB, commonly known as cloth wire, household) and control cables (KVV, KVV22, KVVP2, KVVP, etc., for the electrical appliances of the circuit connection and control).

According to the conductor material, there are copper core, aluminum core, silver, silver plating, tin plating, etc..

     Household electrical generally divided into: bv line (hard line), BVR lines (Multi Strand flexible cord, RVs line (hair silk: 46, 46, 84, 128 cores), BLVVB line (aluminum sheathed wire), BVVB line (copper sheathed wire), BLV line (single stranded aluminum core wire), RVV wire (copper core cable)

     Household weak current line: closed circuit, cable, telephone line, audio line, etc..


     In fact, can be understood as two or three parallel parallel BV wire, BV wire would have

Insulation rubber, in three or two parallel BV line parallel to the outside and then wrapped in a layer of the rubber layer of rubber is sheathed wire. Sheath line is also one of the most commonly used domestic wire, usually by the three core or two core components.

     Due to the current home decoration, the general use of line pipe, and then use the three copper wire across the line pipe laying. But the sheath line is much safer than the common wire, so now in the construction field of home decoration or more useful to. Wire sheath is before using the power line, before the family decoration, sheathing line as the lighting and power supply line; it can directly buried in the wall or is fixed on the wall. Its advantage is that it can save wear line pipe or a thread groove, by outside a layer of the sheath insulation instead, easy installation, high-efficient, good-looking appearance, safe use, is connected home a movable flashboard and the best choice for refrigerator and air conditioning appliances.

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