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Stainless steel diamond wire mesh

Feb 26, 2016

  Advantage of stainless steel diamond wire mesh:Mesh is a premium, the web is a wide, wire diameter is thick, it is not easy to corrosion, and its service life is longer, and its practicality is strong.

   Use way of stainless steel diamond wire mesh:It is widely used in highway, railway, highway and other fencing network facilities. It is also used for interior decoration, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo enclosure. Transmission network of protective net of mechanical equipment and mechanical equipment. Sports venues fence, the road green belt protection net. The screen in the production of a box shaped containers, cages filled with rocks, as the stone cage nets. Also used to protect and support the seawall, slope, Luqiao, reservoirs and other civil engineering. It is the flood control and flood of good material. It can also be used in the manufacture of Arts and crafts. Warehouse, tools, cold storage, protection and reinforcement, the sea fishing fence and construction site fences, river, slope fixed soil (rock), residential security, etc..

   An example of diamond wire mesh for animal fence:

   Application principles and examples of diamond wire mesh:

   Net economic field galvanized huangtongwang system to provide protection and security of the tennis court.Net stadium galvanized huangtongwang years of maintenance free, long-lasting protection made of galvanized chain link tennis court system fence of choice for decades. Master Hal high coat steel chain component and zinc all proof corrosion protection technology for more than 200 years. Chain link tennis court system is easy to install, and provides a high level of security.

   Application of stainless steel diamond wire mesh:galvanized chain link fence system has long been inclined to define the property line, the economic value of the court facilities and value-added property. Chain link system also allows easy to deduct the attached wind control.

   The stainless steel diamond wire mesh can also be used in the canal bed,it can control and guide the river and flood.
   Do you know what the other use of stainless steel diamond wire mesh?

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