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Introduction of heavy duty wire mesh

Feb 26, 2016

  Summary of heavy duty wire mesh:heavy duty wire mesh is necessary for building crack and wall insulation materials.Heavy duty wire mesh is the skeleton of cement mortar base.We can use the wire mesh as coarse as 16-18, 20-25 mm steel wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh.

   There are two kinds of commonly used heavy duty wire mesh: steel net (net) and wire mesh (mesh)

   The heavy duty wire mesh is made of fine steel wire or galvanized iron wire,it has different mesh density, size, unit is "". It must be used behind the back (cement board, wall, etc.).

   For decoration of a steel net, steel wire mesh, plastering, cement mortar by mesh behind extrusion mortar condensation fixed request cement mortar fully lying wrapped to protect the metal net does not rust, like reinforced concrete protection principle.Among them, we must brush the anti rust paint before using the heavy duty wire mesh.

   Further expansion of heavy duty wire mesh, it is the main: long specifications of stainless steel wire mesh (low nickel, 302304316316L etc.). It is mainly used in chemical enterprise filtering; manganese steel wire mesh (65 Mn, 75 Mn). It is mainly used in cement screen, with oxidation of screening; 45# steel screen, it mainly is common screen. Hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh is mainly used for external thermal insulation of building exterior wall.

   Advantages of hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh: excellent corrosion resistance, good durability,high tensile strength, good integrity.

   Technical data:Process hot dip galvanized wire mesh diameter mm 0.9 + 0.04

The mesh size mm 12.7 * 12.7

Solder joint anti tensile >65 N

Galvanized layer g/m2 = 122

Wire mesh implementation standards: A 740-1998 JG158-2004 QB/T3897-1999 ASTM

  Heavy duty wire mesh:The exterior wall insulation net varieties of hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh, such as alkali fiberglass mesh cloth.Application and effect: external wall insulation mesh is mainly used for general building facades, pouring concrete, high-rise residential, in the insulation system plays a important role in the structure, will be inside of the casting of the exterior mold in the construction of the hot galvanized steel mesh polystyrene board is placed, heat insulation plate and the wall of a survival, after stripping the insulation board and the wall body are combined into a whole, so as to save manpower, time and cost of installation.

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