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Do you know the wire mesh machine factory?

Feb 26, 2016

 Do you know the wire mesh machine factory?

   Qualified wire mesh machine factory must have a large and medium-sized lathes, essential pull bed screen production machinery parts processing machinery, it also has high technology welder, it make the mechanical has a longer life.
   The wire mesh machine factory must have the continuous innovation and development with the idea of progress, to the quality of survival, seek development by innovation, constantly on the basis of the existing machinery, according to the actual requirements, continuous improvement, to create a higher productivity, product quality is stronger, more convenient and accurate operation of the machinery.

   According to the degree of automation, wire mesh machine can be divided into: semi-automatic, fully automated, automatic control, hand touch screen, the mastermind of the operation of such as automatic hand touch screen huangtongwang machines.

   Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of wire mesh machine factory.No innovation, no development, no progress, walking in the front end of the times, and constantly improve the production efficiency of machinery to create more value for society, it is the purpose of wire mesh machine factory,which should never change.
   It is also known as diamond mesh machine, oblique machine network, active network of machines.

   Material: high quality, low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire.

   Weaving and characteristics: crochet, mesh uniform, flat surface, beautiful appearance, net width, wire diameter, difficult to corrosion, long life, weaving simple, beautiful and practical.

   Use: it is widely used, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence. Machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection net. The screen in the production of a box shaped containers, cages filled with rocks, etc., can be used for protection and support seawall, slope, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering. It is a good material for flood control and flood. It can also be used in the manufacture of Arts and crafts, machinery and equipment transportation network.

   Now you should know the wire mesh machine factory.


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